Quality of life and quality of work: a Culture of Responsibility

Sustainability and innovation at Waldner Tecnologie Medicali

Social responsibility is part of our way of being a company. We are committed to promote sustainability and innovation, paying attention to the quality of life within the Company and to working standards, while offering a streamlined and effective service for patients.

This commitment rests on the principles, policies and management practices adopted with the Code of Ethics, the Code of Discipline and the strictest Corporate Governance standards.
We have an internal department to supervise quality, handle certifications, monitor processes, streamline operating times and build service quality.

Waldner Tecnologie Medicali also has an internal department devoted to Compliance supervision, the quality system, operating procedures and instructions, the monitoring of non-conforming situations and of company processes and process innovations. Each project is designed to streamline and provide a more efficient service for Clients and Patients.

Quality policy
In 2002 Waldner Tecnologie Medicali decided to obtain a Quality Certification, with the intention to guarantee the patients’ wellbeing and meet customer satisfaction.
Today, we turn this intention into reality at every step, from the proper formation of our Human Resources in order to improve professional standards, to rigorous strategies in supplier approach, the sharing of information and a communication built on awareness and determination.
The whole process is brought to completion through reliability, professionalism, and the improved efficacy and efficiency of company activities.

Safety - Decree 81/2008
The Company has always supervised with special attention the areas of potential risk for its staff in terms of safety at work and accident prevention. It ensures, therefore, adequate training to increase awareness at every Level while also enhancing employee protection. In 2019 the RAD document (Risk Assessment Document) was changed to also include latent risks in order to protect our staff. Under Legislative Decree 231/2001, the Company established strict operating protocols that are constantly monitored by qualified personnel.

Corporate Responsibility
Since 2013 Waldner Tecnologie Medicali has adopted its own organisation-management-control system designed to prevent the offences envisaged in the legislative decree concerning the companies’ administrative liability.
More specifically, the Company decided to undergo certification as per Legislative Decree 231/2001; this is maintained by a Supervisory Body inside the Company that examines and assesses all queries and engages in constant and fruitful discussions with the Central Management.
The Company, particularly sensitive and attentive to this subject, decided to assess Risks using much stricter parameters compared to real dangers, and to implement stringent policies to protect all Shareholders involved.