Waldner Academy

Scientific training and update: a priority for the Waldner Group

We work every day to improve people’s quality of life and health. Based on this mission we developed the Waldner Academy project: a program devoted to the formation both of technical operators in the medical sector and of our own staff. The Program consists of two macro-projects:

Waldner Academy. Corporate Programs

The Waldner Academy is a program built around the idea that the values and behavioral style of men and women working in the Group may be passed on so that excellence and quality are preserved in time.
The idea for such a program comes from the need to hold on to the values of the Group, so that it may maintain, in its continuous growth, balance, quality and wellbeing for all Waldner staff.
WA was designed in particular for the growth and development of young selected talents who are going to become part of the Team.

Waldner Academy. Medical Education

In an ever changing scenario, Waldner Tecnologie Medicali strives constantly to devote time and resources to the professional updating of Physicians and other personnel, whether healthcare-related or not. That’s why we offer Managers, Physicians, Head Nurses, Nursing Staff, Technicians, Pharmacists, Administration Officers and Clinical Engineers the opportunity to participate in national and international training programs with highly qualified teaching staff. In this section we will present some of the most recent projects developed by Waldner Tecnologie Medicali and geared towards innovation and the sharing of knowledge. Because that is another way we can contribute to improve people’s quality of life and health.